Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Sufi Healing Prayers

Ya Shafi - Ya Kafi, Ya Shafi - Ya Kafi, Ya Shafi - Ya Kafi...

O Thou who art the Healer of our bodies, hearts and souls,
by Thy mercy,
may she / he / they be healed
by Thy all-sufficient Power of Healing.

Ya Shafi - Ya Kafi, Ya Shafi - Ya Kafi, Ya Shafi - Ya Kafi ...

Three Prayers for the Sufi Healing Ceremony:

Oh Thou, whose nature is mercy and compassion
and who’s Being is all peace.
Father, Creator and Sustainer of our lives,
send on the whole humanity Thy peace
and unite us all in Thy Divine Harmony.


Oh Thou, the Spirit of our souls,
the Master of our minds
and the Controller of our bodies,
we humbly offer ourself to be used as the channels
of Thy Love, Light and Life
that we may be more able to serve Thee and Humanity.


Oh Thou, the Light of all souls,
the Life of all beings,
the Healer of hearts.
All-Sufficient and All-Powerful God,
the Forgiver of our shortcomings,
free us from all pain and suffering
and make us Thy instruments,
that we may in our turn free others from pain and suffering
and that we may impart to them:
Thy Light, Thy Life, Thy Joy and Thy Peace.


...Ya Shafi Ya Kafi healing prayers
courtesy of my dear friend Paul Reps in 1976
and again given by my dear friend April in 2007.

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